wikipedia pageview statistics

The pageview statistics of the Wikipedia projects are accessible through the wikistats projects.

Webtool A simple page view analysis web tool
Raw data since 2015 Correced raw data since may 2015
Raw data 2007 - Dec. 2015 Raw data 2007 - Dec. 2015
REST API returns JSON, data since 2016 wikimedia rest api

Raw data definition from: pagecounts README.txt

Further associations with wiki terms/pages

eyeplorer – context of Äthiopien

Wikipedias Category structure vs. UDP (Universal Decimal Classification)

My Wikipageviews project …

… dumps terms of interest (=Wikipedia pages) in a MySQL database so i am able to attach a BI Tool and and compare the data to different sources.

Advantage to the sources given above:

  • 1 hour resolution starting from 2014 (if desired i can go back to 2007)


  • Adding a new term takes ca. 4 days

My current data structure looks like this:

The terms currently available are:

de – Addis_Abeba
en – Africa
de – Afrika
de – Amharische_Sprache
de – Äthiopien
de – Entwicklungsland
de – Entwicklungspolitik
de – Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
en – Ethiopia
de – Karlheinz_Böhm

Summery of the Content

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