Touchy Letters

Letters in a table touch the line above or below. To add a tiny space in between, I did the following:

(1)  I created the following commands in my preamble:

Background knowledge: latex command rule: \rule[raise-height]{width}{thickness}

  • raise-height specifies how high to raise the rule (optional)
  • width specifies the length of the rule (mandatory)
  • thickness specifies the thickness of the rule (mandatory)

(2)  In the table, it looked like this:

Several latex runs might be necessary to activate the command.

It should work in all common table environments (tabularx, tabular, longtable, … )

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I studied Geology at University Erlangen and got my PhD (bio-nanotechnology) at TU Dresden. In my spare time i program simulations and tinker around with data prediction methods. Frisbee is my favorite sport and i play guitar when my friends and i meet to make some music.
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