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Update 3.1.2020: Rest Querys and examples updated

Original Documentation:

The gkg fulltext table is filled as followed:

Content to a given topic

For each article, the title, source outlet, date/time converted to the user’s time zone, article language, and source outlet location are displayed.

Rest Query: (example here: in german about Ethiopia)

  • Title
  • source
  • datetime
  • country published
  • country lang

Sample Data:

Rosenheim : Vorstand der Stiftung Menschen für Menschen freut sich über eine Spende von über 8 . 000 Euro – 5/16/2017 2:30pm (German / Germany)
EU – Außenminister suchen engere Zusammenarbeit mit Afrika – 5/15/2017 8:30pm (German / Austria)
Trainer und Globetrotter Michael Krüger : „ Unsere Arbeit wird belächelt ” – 5/16/2017 3:15pm (German / Germany)
EU will starke Afrikanische Union als Partner – 5/15/2017 9:30pm (German / Austria)

Volume for a given topic

Since news volume naturally varies through the course of the day, the Y axis is normalized by dividing the number of matching articles in a given 15 minute increment by the total global volume of coverage monitored by GDELT in that same interval, yielding what amounts to a “global news volume intensity” indicator.

Sample Data:


Tone to a given topic

This is a simple timeline that shows the average sentiment/tone (from “very happy” to “very sad”) of all matching coverage in 15 minute increments, allowing you to rapidly spot major changes in the tone of coverage of interest.

Sample Data:


Geo v2

Detailed description of the API:  GDELT GEO 2.0 API Debuts!

  • source_Country properties name
  • source_count: properties count
  • source_url: properties html
  • inserted: time the data was inserted in datacoll
  • location  coordinates

Nice map of the news coverage on Ethiopia:

The same as GeoJson:



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