Baffled Hyperref

Sometimes hyperref links don’t work the way they should and point to wrong pages. Here is one solution:

  • Make sure every page has a unique number (like 1, 2, 3, … a, b, c, …. i, ii, iii, …. ). The page numbers may be hidden (e.g. on the title page, or before a new chapter). Common tools are:

  • Import the hyperref package as late as possible in your preample:

  • You can use the \phantomsection command, if you hide section with a star (like: section*{title})

I used this somewhat weird setup as i had some latex-riddles in my appendix. I couldn’t get section enumeration, page numbering, minitoc and all the lists right at the same time … this finally solved my last riddle.

About ralf

I studied Geology at University Erlangen and got my PhD (bio-nanotechnology) at TU Dresden. In my spare time i program simulations and tinker around with data prediction methods. Frisbee is my favorite sport and i play guitar when my friends and i meet to make some music.
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